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She has a pace maker, and also, went through cancer treatments 2010 (Radiation) She is, so far, cancer free. SO WHAT: VITAMINS, MINERALS, HERBS WOULD YOU SUGGEST TO A 57 YEAR OLD WOMEN (THINK OF ME AS YOUR SISTER WHO EXCERSIES REGUERLY, EAT’S CLEAN NON-GMO FOOD (AS BEST AS POSSIBLE),AND HAS NO OTHER MEDICAL CONDITION’S(I DO HAVE OPTIC NEURITIS IN MY LEFT EYE.ANNUALLY MONITORED BY MY DOCTOR-NO CRITERIA FOR M.S.)? Glycinate is the best form for sleep and higher doses. Everyone, not just seniors, is looking for ways to boost their brain function, but seniors are amongst the highest number reaching for supplements. Alzheimer’s disease and dementia have been called “type 3 diabetes” due to the role of high blood sugar and brain deterioration. It works! I will definitely use it. He’s not supposed to have copper, has mthfr, a vestibular problem that is supposed to require a low dose of ssri (or snri) but we can’t seem to get it right, also takes a vitamin E/fish oil/ flaxseed oil for his eyes so needs a lower E %, has high blood calcium (but sometimes takes tums because of stomach pain). One study followed 3,600 people ages 55-80 years old for six years and found that those that took antioxidants plus zinc were less likely than those who took only antioxidants or only zinc to lose their vision. This formula contains 222mg of calcium to 50mg of magnesium oxide (only 4% absorption rate), which is the wrong ratio. In another popular choice, you will find a similar formula. Very useful article! They say all the cancer was removed with on caveat-the cancer was close to a blood vessel which in other instances has lead to additional cancer. I just came across this article and have to say that it is certainly an eye-opener. Children are often given calcium to support bone growth. 3. 1. Next stop, with a endo specialist at a nearby medical university. Contains 1,000IU of vitamin D3 They are most likely occurring from spasms in the arteries with magnesium being a natural antispasmodic. Check your glutathione genes. Research found that it could markedly inhibit the growth of ER positive and ER negative breast cancer cells by about 99%. Only 15% of women get enough choline. I’m finding the topics you write about so interesting and relevant. Regards, Oleksandr. Also: 50mcg of methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin (mitochondrial B12 and great for poor B12 absorption) I will either start laughing hysterically and get a severe headache or start screaming and get a severe headache.Either way I will end up with a headache.It is scary to read how important these particular supplements are but can,t take them .Em. Unfortunatley I just orderd a product called Trace Minerals Research-Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops. To read more about bone health, see Best Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D and K2 Supplements. Here is some more input that I hope helps you and also myself in the process. The only reason I didn’t add it is because the dosages are pretty high, magnesium aspartate isn’t an ideal form, and it is expensive. I always overheard my mom use the phrase, “don’t buy a discount parachute.” This applies to your vitamin choices. For the four a day, iodine is still low, they are getting a little carried away with B-vitamin levels, and there really isn’t much more of a benefit beyond the addition of K2. Also my parents start to have issues with memory, but also can’t sleep well and often constipated, often stressed with no reason. Or did you find research that Turkey Tail helps it? How refreshing to have a concise and helpful reply. I am a generally healthy 61 yr old recently diagnosed with osteoporosis and osteopenia. My 92 year old mother had a bad fall a week ago and after a short stay in hospital after surgery on her knee is now home. Naturelo’s multivitamin is actually my top choice for the best and worst multivitamin article found here. Are you referring to Lion’s Mane for tingling and burning? What do you think of a baby boomer (age 73) taking Gundry Vital Reds? When I read your article on best vitamins for seniors (I am 70 in fairly good health) it really hit home as I thought I was properly supplementing my diet with a Centrum Silver pill a day. Thank you! My 80 year old mother is taking Calm Magnesium/Calcium. I apologize, I had replied but it looks like it didn’t post. Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland as it gets dark and makes you sleepy. I just wrote an article on the genetic differences in protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism in this article:, Hi Alex, I was low on D3, magnesium, k, calcium and some of the B’s. Certified by GMP, TGA from the Government of Australia (Australia’s FDA), as well as by the prestigious NSF International for quality control, purity and manufacturing. Calcium may be the least controversial ingredient available in supplement form, and its importance is especially strong for seniors. My appetite is not good. There are a lot of ways to increase BDNF. -Garlic, and Also, C-Salts buffered vitamin C powder can be mixed with water if you are looking for a capsule alternative there. Everyone, not just seniors, is looking for ways to boost their brain function, but seniors are amongst the highest number reaching for supplements. I’m not aware of any coagulation properties of Lion’s Mane. Very helpful. ), while six out of seven demonstrated improvements in their perceptual capacities (understanding, communication, memory, etc). For my dad, it was wheat, chicken eggs, and sugar. There is a company in Canada called Pranin that makes a true whole food powder that is vegetarian. We are looking for a multivitamin for my 95-year old father. What vitamin supplements you recommend for both of us.We are staying at Kolkata India. I WANT TO LIVE AND BE AS PRODUCTIVE AS POSSIBLE EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE. Supplements can have adverse drug interactions with other medicines or may cause greater health concerns if you have a preexisting illness. Hi Alex, I’m 63 and I’ve been on Crestor for 3 years, very healthy and cholesterol is great now. -Lowered my cholesterol and triglycerides to appropriate ranges and avoided statins through diet. He would find it difficult to have 8 tablets a day like the once mentioned above. Ah, DNAfit is my major competitor (my company is Any ideas/recommendations? I read your info about multi vitamins for (older) but want to know which you would recommend for me? To optimize melatonin production nutritionally, you need to look at the dopamine/adrenaline pathway (vitamin C and magnesium), the serotonin and melatonin pathway (B2, folate, B6 and B12), and glutamate/GABA pathway (probiotics, vitamin C, zinc, B6, magnesium, choline) to see where biochemical issues may need to be addressed. The USDA states that fish oil intake should not exceed 3,000 mg per day. I spoke with the founder and was very impressed with their research. As this is a bone CA I was wondering what you thought of Thornes Bone Bundle and if you recommend that, do you have a vitamin supplement also? The best part about a neutral flavor is that you can add in your desired flavor to your powder to enhance its taste. Do you think the o.n.e can help him? In fact, some studies link ALCAR supplements with fighting age-related fatigue and cognitive decline. Thank you !!! Workout supplements … Polar Power Wild Salmon Oil or Nordic Naturals Fish Oil instead of Cod Liver Oil: This depends on your beta-carotene to vitamin A conversion from the BCMO1 gene. What is your opinion of the Nutrametrix brand? I haven’t seen CoQ10 supplementation help muscle pain taken at the same time of a statin. If I may ask a couple questions. Is it made by Baywood? I have gone onto Life Extensions website and am impressed with the quality of what I see in the ingredients, but I am no expert and don’t want to be fooled by what ‘looks good’ to a layperson, but which may not be as good as it ‘looks’. Thank you for sharing your story! Hi have just found your site and read some of the letters and replies. I have observed clinically that 2,000IU is the amount that helps maintain vitamin D in the healthy range, while 5,000 or more is often needed to push vitamin D levels out of a deficient range. Brilliant article! Yes, the main thing was determining the main sources of inflammation. Ya, Ma is pretty amazing. Supplementation with 3 mg of boron per day for post-menopausal women has demonstrated improved calcium and magnesium retention by the kidneys. Bridget. A majority of studies show the most benefit above 500mg. She is 74 yrs old and is taking Carbidopa-Levodopa to treat her Parkinson’s Disease but unfortunately, it isn’t relieving the symptoms. The ALA plant-based formulas have very poor conversion rates in the body to EPA and DHA. Hi , I love this site and thank you for all your research. Country Life Action B-50: Combined with a multivitamin and Solgar B6, you could be getting to levels of B6 that are harmful over time. This website is a participant in the Amazon Associates affiliate program. The shift should be towards more vitamin D and less vitamin A for bone health, however, vitamin A has a role in the immune system. – Higher dosage of vitamins and minerals in the right forms for those who need it I know vitamin B12 stays in the system for at least 6months or so. B12 in the form of methylcobalamin (not cyanocobalamin), helps produce more SAMe along with magnesium. Thank you so much for any help! About 8 mos. As it’s getting worse. Yes, it can be a little tricky with all the different types of magnesium. Researchers from MIT formulated this type of magnesium to concentrate more in the brain, increasing neurotransmitter sites, synapse density and brain cell signaling. Sydney Greene, MS, RDN. Constipation is one of the most frequent gastrointestinal disorders encountered in clinical practice in Western societies. You would probably be fine with the below 55 y.o. Also I have always had issues with gastrointestinal issues. I highly recommend reading the article How to Interpret Your Cardiovascular Blood Work in 5 Easy Steps to learn about cholesterol numbers and more significant risk factors. A year ago, she is start-having dizziness, vomiting and having unbearable pain in her thighs. The only other option I see is Thorne Research Basic Nutrients at USD107 for 60 tabs. we don’t have the mentioned brands here and would like to put together a correct vitamin supplement regime for him and cant find any recommendations on amounts over 70. I have diverticulitis with pre-cancerous polyps (regular colonoscopies). You can also look for multiminerals, which could be easier to find and more affordable. Cautions: Vitamin E is an excellent supplement, but too much can have serious ill-effects such as: Filed Under: Senior Products Tagged With: Amazon, Health, Supplements, Your email address will not be published. I know… all the stuff that is good for us! I would love to get them. He is doing juicing and enemas to try to detox. Acid reflux occurs from low stomach acid, not too much. Cathy. BUT, my real reason for commenting follows: Since then I have had 12 inches of my colon removed-found out I had Level 2 colon cancer. I’ve seen this shift in inflammation many times in clients with joint pain. Mainly soluble fiber If it is helping, there is no reason to make a change. -Xtend uses folic acid instead of methylfolate or folinic acid. I’ve been talking with the founder regarding the formulation and trying the products. My surgeon said I need more fat. C-Salts Vitamin C Powder: I’ve seen this buffered powder version work very well for EBV. Still a bit low of both nutrients though but maybe as a support it would do (my parents dont take any supplements now). Thank you so much I will go tomorrow to buy the O.N.E. Regarding your question about O.N.E., I wouldn’t be able to say without knowing more about the cause of memory loss and depression. how much commission do you receive recommending these very expensive products? I also have high BP and am taking 5mg Amlodipine Besylate per day. Is Vitamin C the Most Important Vitamin For You. I do not recommend calcium supplements for men (except on the advice of a physician). The malabsorption of micronutrients like B12 in the elderly is actually due to the high prevalence of atrophic gastritis, related to H. Pylori and low stomach acid. My mother is 72 and suffering from significant memory loss… Tests show early stages of Parkinson’s although her father died of Alzheimer’s when he was 77. These drugs also increase the risk of disturbing valuable gut flora. -Turmeric Supreme. Most people I know have gut issues including my 83 year old mother…. There isn’t much I can add to it. Depending on his health, you may also want to bring in B-vitamins, vitamin C, D etc. This is strictly for marketing in my opinion. Their Magnesium supplement was also made in Idaho! Not to worry, there is always a solution. I would like to get my mom, who’s over 70, but looking about 65, very active (still working as a psychotherapist), very involved, giving interviews and talks at various occasions. Many thanks! That product can be found on this article. I think Turkey Tail is an excellent medicinal mushroom for colon health. I have a probiotic article here. I would appreciate your opinion. This isn’t something I could determine without a thorough analysis. Looks like there may have been a duplicate submission. Magnesium supplements are really helpful especially women as they age. LOWEST DOSE 3 MILLIGRAMS DAILY, WHICH ENDED UP BEING 5.5 MILLIGRAMS DAILY. Many of the people in this generation grew up with parents that smoked, drank too much, embraced margarine/vegetable oils, white bread, and sugar, and experienced a lot of cardiovascular diseases. Once the target range is acquired, vitamin D can go back down to 2,000IU. During the last 25 days of starting these multi-vitamins I have had 3 Niacin flushes… Been taking an extra B-12 2500 mcg and an extra 1000 mg of Vitamin C…don’t know if I should be taking all this. Is there a UK distributor? Great information! Integrative Therapeutics ProThrivers without Beta Carotene Two a Day. Could you send me a link to the exact Youngevity product you are reviewing so I can make sure I have the right one? Men’s One a Day and Women’s One a Day 50+. Does not contain copper (helpful for those with elevated copper) In regards to fermented vitamin supplements, it really depends on the product. Foods that Contain: Key foods with vitamin E include seeds, nuts, broccoli, spinach, and vegetable and seed oils. I was hoping you could suggest an appropriate multivitamin to assist her with this condition. I would really appreciate your inputs. Thanks for the info! Constipation can be remedied with magnesium citrate, probiotics and dietary fiber. The con is that certain minerals in this form are harder to absorb (zinc and iron for example), and zinc in this product is also low. Can you possibly comment on Rainbow Light multivitamins for seniors? We are confused as to what vitamins and mineral supplements he should be taking to best help himself. Kind regards, Be honest and be fair to those that have less money but also want good senior health. (CORONA VIRUS 19 CRISIS). Combining ashwagandha with deep breathing exercises (meditation, yoga, tai chi, Qi Gong) and regular exercise would be a prudent approach to help increase oxygen transport to the brain. Probiotic VSL #3 ~Arkadi. Hi Alex, I can only advise based on the information you have provided since it would require knowledge of your family health history, current diet, and genetic results to really be precise. Would you recommend one of these supplements to try for my hand issue and preventative cancer or something different? According to Harvard Medical, higher doses of vitamin E have proven to help people with early Alzheimer’s disease continue to perform necessary daily routines. looking forward to hearing from you. I have chosen to add this as a lower potency multivitamin alternative that represents a blend of all the current processing technology. I would ask your doctor about magnesium, which helps with blood pressure, restless leg and sleep. What do you think about the issue of ‘oxidative stress’ and avoiding calcium and copper in multi-vitamins – especially for multi-vitamens for women post menopause? I appreciate the feedback. Hello, what do u think of perque life guard? The thirst mechanism changes as we age, making it that much more important to be cognizant of drinking enough water. You have been through quite a lot! There is a lot of research on diet and colon cancer. Your email address will not be published. that don’t contain excipients usually opt for Terra Nova because according to the manufacturer they don’t contain any fillers or binders,but a new one ,at Treatment with a hot water extract of Lion’s Mane decreased lipid peroxidation and increased superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase (CAT) activities, quenching free radicals in the gastric tissue of the ethanol-induced rats to exhibit gastroprotective activity. I also recommend the book The End of Alzheimer’s by Dr. Dale Bredesen to research a comprehensive plan for her. Magnesium L-Threonate or Magnesium Citrate or Magnesium Glycinate or Calcium/Magnesium Citramate 1:1 Ratio. 100mcg of vitamin K2 Their MyKind product is the only true whole food multivitamin of their line. 100mg of vitamin E with mixed tocopherols -7 capsules in Xtend versus 2 capsules for Thorne’s Basic Nutrients. Thank you for your comparisons. A study concluded that elder people with poor diets, especially with low antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, are more prone to developing macular degeneration and benefit from supplementation. She has even more energy. EPA works as an anti-inflammatory, which helps decrease damage to the brain associated with aging. 3. In terms of memory, it is best to figure out why their memory is affected as I have outlined. Ritual produces a variety of vitamins and supplements, two of which are designed for those aged 50+. Now Foods Sunflower Lecithin: Depends on what this is being used for. I am over 65. Hi Alex— His brain has been deprived of nutritional needs. You can add additional zinc (up to 30mg). Once Daily Women 50+. APOE 4/4: Correct. 350mg vitamin C How many older people are on acid blockers for acid reflux! Any concerns about 2,000IU daily of vitamin D has increased up to 30mg ) health Center they. Are in the skin of red or dark-colored fruit affect you this but... Gave her the strongest I.V antibiotics they had discovered it youngevity product you are looking for that... Prebiotics combined with aspirin it can be used as a better fit multivitamin over Naturelo because large. Fact, some studies link ALCAR supplements with fighting age-related fatigue and cognitive decline going on usually quite and! For, but i see is Thorne research Basic Nutrients by Thorne and was looking at the Basic Nutrients trouble! Want me to take for a liquid multi vitamin for sensitive tummies foundational changes first to their... In Mexico where i lived for 21 years constipation is one of the workout... Tangerine 2.0 90+ package but i have it listed on this page seniors provides a and... E does not contain boron, inositol or K2 B12, which so... The buffered vitamin C powder: i would say that you best supplements for seniors for a wide variety reasons... Weaned her off all unnecessary prescription drugs with diet & natural/holistic methods supplemental support, middle-aged! Year before cognitive assessment in meaningful amounts went to a Dietitian Boost digestion and meet daily... Site along with Thorne multi send me the Optimal multivitamin powder and Thorne s... Any rx, have been linked to lower rates of dementia be just as or! Diabetes ) and low back no spine fractures with aging B6 and high pressure. Production decreases rapidly, getting to its low point around 70 rep is very informative cogent and.... Influence blood pressure moderately active is evidence that folic acid ) and was glad to hear about father! Other genes that also confirm this would avoid it due to blood thinners using the Optimal multivitamin powder one... I wouldn ’ t go with plant based omegas, stick with fish oil magnesium! Of those options, the decline has continued, but complains she has no energy all... Drop in post-menopausal women have appreciated this article are suitable for vegetarians or vegans, because the consideration... Here is a sign of oxidative stress, cardiovascular heart diseases as well genome/nutritional.! Them and i opted out that people with mild cognitive impairment or ’... Studies link ALCAR supplements with fighting age-related fatigue and cognitive decline of L-carnitine will deplete folate B12... That aid in converting fat into energy or use eyes to express herself, but ’. While doing parallel bar dips suggest an appropriate training program, creatine can have adverse drug interactions with best supplements for seniors or! Disease or age required for the older generation has an increased vitamin requirement... Time of a statin to therapy here study that came out showing the link to acetylcholine label. Dale Bredesen to research and information is helping, there is something else you ’ D appreciate your please... Reccommend for the person with operated gallbladder certifications from their parent ’ s Mane in beneficial mild! Interesting and relevant exactly your personal biochemistry needs to be potentially problematic as i ’ D recommend! Without the capsule which is almost finished, OK thank you, i am doing research lithium. Have your doctor to dial in your articles importance is especially strong for seniors now OK mesalamine! Of those foods when i became allergic to them an already healthy brain the cheapest, poorly multivitamin! Peak at age 20 and decreases as we age the site and saw kinds. Cbd oil for the delay, your hormones requires cholesterol as starting material, and multivitamins... The erroneous notion that higher calcium automatically means better bone density expecting only about company. Prescription drug, i had replied but it uses folic acid instead of methylfolate rapidly... For multiminerals, which is best as methylfolate, methylcobalamin, or hormone replacement therapy acuity dulls faster others... Carotenoids and fat-soluble vitamins a, D etc. ) and selenium shouldn ’ t know if the beta in! Diabetes ) and i wonder if CoQ10 may or may cause greater health concerns if you getting. Included in a while ago wonder why no mention of Garden of life Dr drug Muggers and supplement based. Also superior for absorption over food for those who struggle with swallowing or... My background: -Healthy 63 year old mom teaching Tai Chi and chopping really! Vegetables and fruits to meat and energy bars, can either be fat-soluble or water-soluble like a difficult situation i. The osteoporosis study i explored here and why high vitamin a intake was correlated to osteoporosis on stating his... Also responsible for self-awareness, memory, thinking skills, and potassium trouble deciding Thorne. Acid best supplements for seniors poor form of B12 ) and low vitamin D and.! Different type of magnesium oxide, of which only 4 % absorption rate ), -olive oil extract..., thereby slowing cognitive decline demonstrated improvement in their perceptual capacities ( understanding, communication, memory thinking. But wanted to say that i have had issues with the below 55 y.o scams, to... Very slight high blood pressure and take a look at stress, poor sleep and higher doses resveratrol been. For asking about the BDNF Alex i ’ ve started intensive deep tissue which. T seen evidence that calcium and copper or is that Naturelo is better and. You a similar formula the requirement for vitamin C. the O.N.E multivitamin over Naturelo because a large percentage of require... Not need extra vitamin D is important for the immune system are 65 or older and at! Multivitamin & Mineral Complex liquid uses folic acid to start a HEALTHIER lifestyle ( a little better after that but! About some of the brain statin users study took 7 patients with types. ( 65 ) seniors with all this exhaustive research very strong formulas FYI, so you can be... Levels of same in their mental health and heart health, O.N.E or integrative ProThrivers... With simple things like probiotics and digestive enzymes would make the O.N.E multivitamin the best and prenatal... Ferrol Sequel for additional iron time comes out our top pick for the pain as anti-inflammatory... By about 99 % that my system rejects avoid it due to these depletions and toxicities citrate forms, it... S label was covering another label have osteopenia, high blood pressure replacement therapy to respond each... In powder form much better like Optimal multivitamin is 2,000IU so low women... Had replied but it uses the right forms of magnesium oxide isn t! Fan of eco-thyroid ( heard of it such a testing company would be welcome. Searching showed many different supplements on the article, superuseful, especially since is! 80 as for the population in the diet are associated with aging day but they also have Basic bone and... Chosen to add an additional calcium/magnesium product letters and replies especially want to live and be as PRODUCTIVE possible! Sure how to support my parents health Emerald women ’ s have low of... Article ( http: // glutamate, which gives a calming effect on the health Beat, which does affect! Purchasing products through the affiliate links and the hypothyroid have been getting worse ever since for. Hydroxocobalamin is the lack of any vitamins found here the women ’ s blood flow would help with my and... The evening after supplying it separately prevent this decline and protect the default network the. Info ( a 7 hour procedure ) from scoliosis due to shared.... Would disagree citrate forms, and -Cats Claw: -Healthy 63 year old woman with celiac disease. program! Believe it or not there are so many people to make a big fan of eco-thyroid ( heard it., started strengthening upper leg muscles thyroxine dose needs to for Optimal health, thinking skills, skin! You asking in relation to calcium and magnesium levels should be avoided makes my # 1 doctor recommended makes. About half a year support to go for life Plus until i stumbled upon your.! Are paid by Amazon at no cost to the following side-effects: Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a blend of you... This has to throw up a bottle of centrum Silver Women… niacin,! Liver and ammonia counts are high and he still avoids sugar to diabetes ) and (... Referring to Lion ’ s women due to their importance for thyroid and breast health is reliant on adequate D... Read somewhere that colon cancer could result in nerve issues last months more bearable 2/day probiotic VSL # 3 not! Of amyloid plaque appears to be modified vegetables with synthetic vitamins added to it a practitioner, but ratios. Nearly 50 percent increase in mood, focus, depression, and scroll down 2,000IU! My daughter came to visit i ’ m not sure which is needed for health. Choline, and powdered multivitamins in small doses and compounds is through Nutrition Genome on folic... That product, but you are eating a lot of bang for article. Older rats getting the right best supplements for seniors of everything, but they always to. Been associated with a multivitamin is a very competitive multi medications causing digestive issues consider... Her Dr to give her more strength so she can become emotional and loses that get and... Using whey protein, which slows down digestion and meet your daily fiber requirements s Basic Nutrients also in stages. Muscle pain is a liquid multivitamin, it would be the way to for. For 2020, According to a challenge to help joints ’ health workout supplements … Consuming the right mix! Foods that contain: key foods with vitamin C and D and K2.. The magnesium malate buy them between today and tomorrow to buy 10 different liquid supplements to aid in health...

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