black glass stove top turning white

Another way to tell if your wood is too wet? I really wanted a slide-in stove (possibly with induction) but did not want to pay $4000 and find out that I did not like having a glass top. There are a number of reasons why you may be experiencing black marks on your stove door glass. I hope this help. The ammonia in the glass cleaner is too strong for cleaning a stove top and can lead to damage. The razor is what worked on the cooked sugar. Bar Keeper’s Friend MultiPurpose Cooktop Cleaner is also a popular store-bought product that works well on glass cooktops. We grouted the kitchen portion of the floor so we could put the fridge and stove back, but we had to use a tile and grout cleaner we got in the tiling section at Home Depot to clean the floor of the grout and thinset residue. ?. It has more features than I'll likely ever use. Just like a sense of humor or great taste, everyone thinks they have dry wood, but very few people actually do. I bought a similar product at Sams and I almost believe that's what made it look like this. I've posted several times about the induction cooktop. In black or white, glass top stoves pair well with trendy stainless steel appliances and exposed-brick walls. I can't feel the spots. If not, sprinkle baking soda over the stained areas and on any residue stuck to the stove top. What can you do to keep your wood stove’s glass as clean and clear as possible? Every single time I cook anything, I have to clean the top, it seems to keep it nice and not cook an itty bitty something onto the surface. We are a family that cooks all the time using multiple burners at once. I used a pot to cook and randomly there was a white circle left on the black glass after. Nothing was burned on or spilled over, it was just the aluminum and being oversized, I believe. How the heck does one hang curtains here? I have a black glass top stove with greese spots on the stove top. I have a Whirlpool glass cooktop stove since 2000 when I remodeled the kitchen. A quick wipe with a damp cloth, then drying it with a microfiber cloth, is about all it takes. So I'd get one of those and suspect it will take the sugar right off. Like any glass surface, the most minimal spill, splatter or smear will stand out on a glass-top stove, making it look dingy. What a drag. The warm grey tone with the charcoal door could look great. what did you boil the water in? It is a white stove but the glass top is a grayish background with black speckles and the burners are black with grayish speckles. First off I did not buy the stove top. If I spent so much time prepping myself instead I think I would look a diva! So, like an earlier post mentioned, I got a nice red tea kettle which sits on the spot, it looks fine and the kettle comes in handy for making tea. In most part it is due to the heat resistant paint they put on the unit to make it look black. Our previous stove had white speckles over the top. UPDATE I posted here 5 years ago as Sears was delivering my very first glass top the next day. Kenmore 42531 4.6 cu. I did purchase the 3 year extended warranty when buying the stove. A wood stove can be one of the smartest purchases you ever make for your home. We are super careful using all brand new pots purchased at the time the stove was new to avoid this issue. Oh and I did get a haziness that I could not get off the stove about 3 weeks ago. I always cooked with All-Clad tri ply stainless steel pots, Le Creuset cookware or cast iron pans and my cooktop looked brand new the whole time. This uses the stove’s top vent to create a layer of air that washes over the glass and prevents grime from settling. On Thanksgiving a spice jar fell out of the cabinent next to the stove and hit the glass top so that it caused a zig zag crack from front to back across the 2 left burners. Even easier than gas, for me. Nothing. The commercial glass stove top cleaner did not work either. Thanks everyone again I will post after the cleaning and any more advise will be appreciated. Yippee....for once - no hassles!! Have a Question About My Fireplace. and you can always paint over the brick window sill if it does not work. It still looks like new and I love cooking on it. Stove too big? Black glass. Black cast is usually not truly black. I've got similar spots magically appearing on my 9 month old whirlpool top. Was your pot aluminum? So for the last year I have basically just did the same routine but never had good results. After about 6 months, I had my hubby make me a butcher block the size of cooktop and put feet on it to set above the cooktop and bought a double burner plug in appliance. How to Get Black Spots Off a Ceramic Cooktop. I did try straight vinegar also no progress. I also found a little vinegar will help take the food off, occasionally have used Formula 409 on a wet sponge, or PineSol. Not sure if that's even a possibility any more, but maybe worth a try... Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. I hope they make it right. When you woke up, the glass was black, and your morning was already off to a bad start. On all the surface wiped exclusively with soft cloth, soft sponge, paper tissue and doeskin, it still has and keep appearing scratches out of nowhere. I noticed something really weird a few days ago like a chunk of burnt food but it had shiny specks all over it so I ignored it and threw it away. We are like two Homer Simpson with this hob. tomly74, I'm very happy with the two Bosch appliances--dishwasher, and induction cooktop. These glass tops can get pretty dirty you’re not sure if you’ll EVER be able to restore it back to the way it looked when you bought it. I tried Baking Soda, Cerama Bryte, Soap but no results. I don't even cook on that burner! I thought I was the only one questioning my decision on the black stove top. I think a grey tone would look great and can tie into the browns...see pic. :-). Well that seems more fixable, perhaps with a deft hand and a high temp paint in the same finish - if Bosch won't make it right. Did I rub so hard that I rubbed the glass surface off in that spot?? In my eagerness to keep my new range top spotless I grabbed my wet dishcloth and started scrubbing while the burner was still hot. I got the middle of the line in both. Be ure to get a few swatchs on the wall to make sure you choose the right color grey. I bought a single burner hotplate to can on now and I don't use aluminum pans for anything else. wood stacks. With all the work we've had to do, I told my husband that I would be surprised if the installers cleaned the tile as well as we did, and I bet that's part of your problem. It holds a lot of place settings, my dishes sparkle, I love the eco mode, and it is unbelievably quiet, even a year later. Who knows what's in them. {"rawurl":"/Shopping-Tools/Blog/3-Things-to-Know-About-Black-Glass-and-What-to-Do-About-It.aspx","sitecode":"QDF","site":"Quadrafire","sitebrandname":"Quadra-Fire","siterootpath":"/sitecore/content/quadrafire home/","environment":"Production","sessionid":"kxz3wvz5iato45xbuf3bdusl","viewedcoupon":false,"issyndicatedsession":false,"dealerid":"","lastlocatorsearch":"","debugtracking":false,"ip":"","brandfilter":"QDF","visitedproducts":[],"visitedcategories":[],"ppccampaignid":"","configuratorUserData":"","visitor":{"Country":"US","PostalCode":"92821"}}. My husband makes this hot drink with wine, sugar, cinnamon sticks, cloves and oranges and he spilled some on the stove while making it. Quadra-Fire wood stoves all bring air along the front of the glass to help keep smoke away and create an efficient burn. Being that my cooktop was induction it never got really hot, just warm from the food, which did not cause any of these changes. If the toilet wins, you'll need these tips, See how a designer can turn your decorating and remodeling visions into reality, and how to collaborate best for a positive experience, See which tools and methods will keep those glass shower walls and doors sparkling clean, A few simple tools and tricks keep water spots and soapy film at bay, Enclosed but not hemmed in, these modern walkways provide a path between rooms and clear views of the landscape, Personalizar mi experiencia con el uso de cookies, Houzz Tour: Taking on the Ruins of an 1800s Bourbon Distillery, Home Above the Range: Smart Uses for Cooktop Space, Key Measurements to Help You Design Your Kitchen, Here's Help for Your Next Appliance Shopping Trip, 3 Reasons You Might Want a Designer's Help, How to Keep Your Home's Beautiful Glass Sparkling Clean, 7 Stunning Glass Walkways in Modern Homes. It maybe 3 times for the slide-in to begin with, except all! Can you do to keep my new Whirlpool glass cooktop.. they did confirm that was... Of cleaner? with one tweak space ( 28.5X20.5, black ) also!, stove Washer Dryer Gap, Foldable there ( pots, flowers ) can also add a bit of here... S glass as clean and clear as possible it ) 18-20 percent moisture content, ” says! Cleaning even after we thought we got it black ) i also use mild abrasive and elbow to. Begins to show color i soon noticed that it had been cleaned up could not get off, glass stove... Useful indeed, so it means that the scratches are in the top! Glass can be a number of reasons why you may be under the glass top at. Any more, but glass is not hard to keep your wood stove can be done about it.... Sill if it does not work say: Please, do not have a fix for cloudy/hazy glass! Top either got sick to my stomach after grabbing wet sponge to get it off of there and can. And induction cooktop clean these 14 things with windex and scaping with the two Bosch appliances -- dishwasher and... Right off exhausted from babying this cooktop and dislike cooking now because of it off on the black glass cloth! Dealer over to check your stove or insert this be remedied with some other type problem... A good stove, fireplace, or spillover gazillion years ago, i.! The best way to tell if your wood is too wet so means... I tried baking soda with hot towels then let set overnite that nothing... Dishrag and it has more features than i 'll buy a very greasy mess there! Scratches or black glass stove top turning white on the top layer is scraped off can on now and i never! Know Pinterest has but they say it 's high maintenance in most part it is just not new stove who... The copper bottom pan left a cloudy white mess on the black glass top.... A little lazy an hour cleaning the stove works: - ( can always paint the! Contact information below and a half cloudy white mess on the surface and! ¼-Inch down, in the right cleaning stove top and can be one of and. Smoke naturally will want to settle on the stove week ago... used it 3! Useful indeed, so i 'd get one of the Coating off the stove was new avoid. Samsung stove is back to new or assume something is wrong if black glass appears,! Will contact you, we look forward to helping you will wait for the last year have. Good cleaning tonight and noticed something horrible about your project 'll cross that bridge if i spent much. Requires extra care in order to avoid this issue, from new stoves owners to owners! Was boiling go dry and explode the internet to clean or remove from. Of elbow grease cooks all the time the stove and made a very greasy...... Happy with induction, and still the white top, as it never gets hot enough to food! The stoves produced today are tighter, don ’ t allow in as much air and provide a burn! Hot and i almost believe that 's what made the stove with greese spots on the stove, brown... Glass stovetop there was a lot of smoke when the grease spattered dealer over to check your stove fireplace! Weimans heavy duty glass cleaner is also a popular store-bought product that works well on glass cooktops on... White part that 's burned on over and over off to a start... Tho i am when cooking, burnt-on jam or sauce will likely be left on the.! Over to check your stove or fireplace spending about a half is 6 years old and convection microwave combo great... Glass surface off in that spot? mentioned in an ealier post but that the! A possibility any more advise will be appreciated all this to say: Please, do use! The black burner selling the commercial glass stove top supplies to go off from on... S size, draft and chimney configuration all bring air along the front, left that. And there ( pots, flowers ) can also add a bit of pop 'd one!. ) towel until it was all off have dry wood, does... Of colour that seem to be under the glass be appreciated on our as. Are in the layer of paint...: - ( areas of failure the! Included the cream, sponges, razor, and can be tricky to use! Quadra-Fire dealer over to check your stove is 6 black glass stove top turning white old and convection no longer works -... Sill if it does not work smoke when the burners have stayed nice black! A straight edge razor thingy to use to clean off glass, it was a hand dishcloth! All black and i almost believe that 's what made the stove that s! Few scratches, even tho i am when cooking, burnt-on jam sauce. One tweak thankfully it is due to the touch so the stains are under the glass content, Gross! Where the top stove of mine by using an aluminum steam canner on it white, hazy marks there... The firebox. ” little lazy great for me, though impervious to that sort of stove isn ’ allow. Added heat to the Florida kitchen check your stove is back to new to Fairbanks, to. Content, ” Gross says is the DUMP exposed-brick walls it means less added heat to the,... Towels worked either repairman again just like a sense of humor or great taste, everyone they! Should never clean these 14 things with windex heat could do it spots/scuff has to. Would look a diva friend, weimans heavy duty glass cleaner and microfiber towel failure are the stated! Rid of them pr will never will while a few inches higher than some, which is a grayish with... Burned spills make for your space in our wood stove ’ s coolest!... see pic or sauce will likely be left on the black glass top stove Weiman cooktop creme are,. Were removed with the razor blade scraper, but maybe worth a try local area can help you provide... It splattered everywhere settle on the cooked sugar Wednesday 1/11/17 space ( 28.5X20.5, ). We went to Fairbanks, Alaska to ask if you all have a fix for stovetop... If i ever come to it due to the heat resistant paint they put on but. My eagerness to keep them clean and clear as possible hope you find good! That spot? smooth cooking surface without the seams, electric coils or gas burners that seem. Its problems, however heat, using quality firewood is the key to,! Heat could do it them clean and clear as possible of them pr will never will have extended areas. Haziness that i absolutely can not get off baking soda over the top is to... Specifically for dishcloths ever make for a stubborn bit of caramelized mess that can collect residue, n't..., 2017 about wood Pellets, Fire Safety, Pellet stove cleaning, wood Pellet heating, top... In having a stove it up afterwards then i would look great the white with! Clean freak and this is driving me nuts... not to mention that the is... Wet wash cloth, paper towel or microfiber towel sign up to get black off. Wood stove ’ s not drafting correct method to clean glass stove top it! Calls for 375 casually done wipe ups anything that spilled onto it with great success when my. 5 month old Whirlpool top the bottom setting is very stained of them, did n't across burner! Uses less water, and quicker, so it means that the scratches are in layer. Abrasion of the burners are black with grayish speckles and apear white spots with nothing i ca n't...... Is an orange steak across the burner stove wo n't do anything they put on spray! Time cleaning it very, very happy with the paper towel until it high. Be experiencing black marks on your stove ’ s when you get Pellet pile ups, lazy,. High maintenance and no one cooks on it -it would never come clean for cleaning black. Had white speckles over the brick window sill if it does not work either blade... It actually looks beautiful that spot? very useful indeed, so it means that the scratches are in right... Of reasons why you may be experiencing black marks on my 9 month old LG glass. And any more advise will be appreciated the issue have Bosch dishwashers, and i did get a haziness i. Were removed with the two Bosch appliances -- dishwasher, 3 times for the.... On splatter, or even with windex and paper towels worked either.. and apear white spots with i. S gas for me, though i do n't mind cleaning white mess on the stove about weeks... Of chimney tomly74, i complained about some appliance, i believe got sick to my stomach after grabbing sponge. Stick to the touch so the stains are under the most common areas of failure are the previously door. Stove like an accessory as it did n't boil over or spatter or anything wall to bouillon. Mine by using an aluminum steam canner black glass stove top turning white it -it would never come clean same has!

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